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About These Free Videos:


These videos are available in 4k and were shot at 60 frames per second. That's a large file and a lot of data, but especially over Internet connections. Even with a manageable codec and delivery format (from the original footage shot over 3 years), it was still a large file. Therefore, the video player defaults to HD (1080). If your Internet speed is slow or you experience buffering, consider lowering the resolution on the player down to 720p. But it is available in higher quality up to 4k. 


I did this to all but eliminate motion blur for you the viewer. When you slow these down, you will see no motion blur. Slow down footage from the main large creators and websites. Then slow mine down to see the difference. Every other guitar website I know of doesn't do that, which I only mention because I thought things could be better than what large, profitable companies are giving you. Building this site was very hard over many years. I had a plan and vision but little help. It was all on me.


I invested a lot of money in storage alone and might as well have taken on an IT & data management job on the side, but unpaid, because it was a full-time unpaid job. This was done as expenses on said storage, enclosures, cameras, switchers, lighting, and everything else it took to bring this to you racked up significantly....with no return coming in. For four years. If I had not done this though, the whole thing may have ended in catastrophic failure, falling apart before even being released or made public.


The future of this website depends on your involvement. What I worked to achieve is simply impossible to continue without enough people showing up to get me out of the red and make this website a going concern. So we're giving this everything we have and a fair chance.


You can view these videos as low as 360p but with a good Internet connection, choose what works for you. If you have fiber, you should be able to enjoy the full 4k 60fps quality. I have gigabit cable and still maxed out at 1080 for smooth playback. Others may need to select 720p. Perhaps in a desert on a cell phone, 320 or bust. Speaking of mobile devices, you will want to enlarge the video player to full screen on any cell phone. Otherwise the playback bar will block the scrolling TAB or notation on a cell phone. On desktop computers this is not a problem so enjoy as-is. I wanted to give the option, based on your connection speed and circumstances. 


What it took to build this site was completely ridiculous but now here it is. Many times I came very close to quitting. Most others would have. As Mike Bloomfield said, "So now you know the truth of the matter, so now you know where it's at. Um, okay!" 



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