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Who Is Fretboard Playground For?

Fretboard Playground is for all who seek a deeper understanding of guitars, tone, amplification, and all that our beloved instrument has to offer. The educational content itself focuses on concepts, techniques, and mechanisms of expression. You can look at Fretboard Playground as a high-level guitar program without stress. But there's much more to it than a bunch of online guitar lessons. 

I've been obsessed with guitars for my entire life.  About 5 years ago, I found myself unsatisfied that among the YouTubers, influencers (what does that even mean?), and online guitar lesson sites, there seemed to be nothing that would have spoken to me all of those years ago when I was starting out.

I wanted to see a place where you could go for it all, while being entirely devoid of advertising dollars and corporate influence or interference. Which is where you come in. Without you, the web hosting, data archival, sheer time and energy to produce videos within, and overhead is impossible to sustain. With you, it becomes your alcove from all of the other static out there.

It's a place to learn, discuss, ruminate, just brush up on guitar history, figure out what records to buy, or where to hear a '59 'burst through a Twin Reverb. Sure, you can find demos online now anywhere. But why not go straight to the source? Why listen to a guy on the Internet when you can hear Mike Bloomfield do the same thing much better on Live At Bill Graham's Fillmore East. At times, I'm just a curator of content for you. Like a trusted uncle who knows all the cool records to tell you about as you're trying to learn how this all works. 

Which is why I refer to it as an odyssey instead. Sometimes it's about gear, sure. Other times it's about curating pivotal pieces of guitar history. Still other times it's a tutorial. And when it is, the tutorial is there to help you. The Video Vault is full of nothing but tutorials for you on the concepts that will actually make you a better player no matter what kind of music you play or wish to pursue. 

I named it Fretboard Playground instead of "Sean Weaver's Fingerpicking Masterclass" or "Hungry Lemon Burrito's Totally Excellent Blues Course" because this site is not really for me. It's for you, and I'm glad to share everything I know with you on it. We are all in this together.

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